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By students, for students

Learned experience of students with dependents at UCSD

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International students health resources

Student visas (F and J) require mandatory insurance that covers certain amounts for injury or repatriation of remains in case of death. Unfortunately for some students and all student dependents, their insurance is no longer covered by the university, and ACA-compliant insurance can be very expensive. As a foreigner, you need to pay the full…

Whether you are a new student with dependents, a continuing student with new dependents, or anything in-between, we want to make sure you know about resources that are available to you. This was produced by one of the Peer Coaches at the Triton Transfer Hub. It is a great summary of campus resource available to…

Health Insurance for Dependents of Graduate Students

Having a kid in grad school is challenging. Money is a fundamental barrier standing between parents and success in grad school, and dependent coverage health insurance is one of the largest costs that a parent at UCSD faces.

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